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In 2003 the Hawaii State Legislature passed a bill establishing the Hawaii State Center for Nursing, which Governor Lingle signed into law later that year. An Advisory Board was formed during the following summer and began meeting in the winter of 2004 with the immediate focus of drafting a strategic plan to fulfill the mandates identified in the founding legislation.

Based on the Legislative mandates, the primary functions of the center are to:

  • Collect and analyze data, prepare and disseminate written reports and recommendations regarding current and future status and trends of the nursing workforce
  • Conduct research on best practices and quality outcomes
  • Develop and plan for implementing strategies to recruit and retain nurses

The commitment to that goal has never wavered. With generous support from numerous community partners the Hawaii State Center for Nursing has endeavored to meet and exceed the expectations of its most important constituents……..nurses in the state of Hawaii. In looking through the vast contents of their website, organized around the legislative mandates, we believe you will find information, data, and resources that will shed light on the state of nursing in Hawaii. While there are areas of concern, there is much to be celebrated.


Hawaii State Center for Nursing

1960 East-West Road
Biomedical Sciences C105
Honolulu, Hawaii 96822

Mailing Address:
2528 McCarthy Mall, Webster 402
Honolulu, HI 96822

T: (808) 956-5211
F: (808) 956-0547


About Us

The Nursing Resource Center is a suite of Internet-based services that helps maximize nursing education capacity by streamlining placements and exposing new opportunities for school-clinical facility relationships.

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For Regional Support for CCPS or HSCNRC:

Brianne Atwood
T: 808-956-0545

CCPS Help Desk
T: 1-866-325-3222 ext. 123

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